Church of the Holy Family
Father Michael S. Smith, Pastor
Mass Schedule
Masses at Holy Family
Saturday Afternoon at 5:00
Sunday Morning at 9:30
Masses at St. Columba
Sunday Morning at 8:00 (No 11:00 for June/July/August)
At Holy Family, Hebron
Tues. & Thurs. 7:00pm
At St. Columba's, Columbia
Wed. & Fri. 9:00am
Saturday at Holy Family
4:00 - 4:30pm or by appt.

Father Michael's Corner

It is my vision that we, being the People of God, a living and breathing church family, truly a family of faith, will continue to deepen our love and spirituality while growing in our likeness with Christ. As the bread and wine are miraculously transformed into the body and blood of Christ so too is it my hope that we are transformed into being more Christ-like and responsible for our sisters and brothers we find near or far.
That we as the People of God, may be a place of prayer, comfort and hope, where dreams can come true and where we find ourselves embraced by God’s love. As we journey in faith we continue to practice forgiveness and conversion while generously giving to those in need and welcoming (that which we do so well) without judgment, all who come to the Lord, the Lord who walks among us with kindness, love, and forgiveness in the hope that we will be continuously transformed and come to be Christ to one another.
As Pastor, I sanction the efforts of our community to attain this vision. To bring us closer to fulfilling our hopes for a truly Christian community, I, in my role as spiritual father at the Church of the Holy Family, encourage:
…Full participation in the Eucharist- celebrating our diversity amongst our unity while praising God first and foremost as well as celebrating the richness of our gifts as one family of faith.
…Open and honest dialogue within all committees and ministries; communicating as often as possible with as many means as possible. To listen to another person into discernment with respect and dignity.
…Education and awareness; making resources available for members to be informed on all matters of faith. Being innovative and creative, using our skills and talents in reaching out to all of God’s people.
…Full participation in stewardship; moving beyond horizons and challenging members to new tasks. Personal invitation to the abundance of gifts in our midst, those waiting to be asked. Personal invitation so others will use their time, treasure, and talents to carry the weight of the poor who need to be fed, the sick who need comfort, and the outcasts who need welcome and love. Only this is possible with the work of your hearts and hands.
…Prayer, individual and communal (Eucharist), through scripture, mediation, retreat, and adoration: providing visible opportunities for prayer.
We have so much potential. I believe in you; I believe in all that you do and I am most grateful for what you have done and what you will do in the name of Jesus Christ.
And with the courage of John XXIII who was faithful to the spirit of God. John XXIII "Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do. We are not on earth as museum-keepers, but to cultivate a flourishing garden of life, and to prepare for a glorious future."
God's blessings and love,

Fr. Michael

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